Junior School

Bayswater Secondary College - Junior School

Facilitating student growth and excellence through an engaging learning experience

We believe in engaging and relevant curriculum, enabling a learning program for all students that is:

  • Personalised in nature, providing students an opportunity to set and track personal learning goals and a learning pathway from the very beginning;
  • Technology rich in the way that students are encouraged to engage in learning experiences that see technological tools transform learning instead of modifying it.
  • Inquiry and project based, this will be central to the learner experience through both the core and elective based program, influenced by Michael Fullan’s “New Pedagogies for Deep Learning” where Creativity, Critical Thinking, Communication, and Collaboration allow students to flourish;
  • Formative in nature where assessment is also used as the main form of tracking learning gain and growth

Core Learning Areas

English & EAL

At Bayswater Secondary College, our English program focuses on effective written and oral communication and comprehension.

Our learning program works to develop globally aware students who are capable of responding creatively and critically to a range of different texts and stimuli. Students are encouraged to analyse and question the use of language and its effect on specific audiences through reading, analysing, and discussing a wide range of texts, both teacher-selected and through our Independent Reading Program.

They have the opportunity to expand their own use of language through the production of their own texts, in imaginative, informative and persuasive forms, giving consideration to their audience and purpose. English also provides opportunities for students to build ICT literacy skills and become critical of information presented on the internet.


At Bayswater Secondary College, we take an integrated approach to the teaching of Mathematics, Science and Digital Technologies through our STEM program in Years 7-9, and specialised Mathematics and Science programs in Year 10.

Students develop key knowledge and skills across all three areas with opportunities to apply critical numeracy skills in a practical manner to enrich their learning experience.

Students undertake a number of challenges across the year through a Project Based Learning (PBL) approach that provides opportunities for them to enhance and apply the skills they are developing to real-world problems.

We have an ongoing partnership with KIOSC at Swinburne in Knox, which allows us to further enrich our STEM program by providing exciting opportunities to participate in challenges and events that extend beyond the classroom.


Our Humanities program provides significant breadth and depth across the areas of History, Geography, Economics and Civics & Citizenship to provide students with the skills to examine and understand the varying factors that shape the world around them.

Each year from 7-10 has a different focus for the four core areas, as detailed in the table below:

YEAR 7Ancient CivilizationsWater in the World

Place and Liveability

Consumer Rights and Small BusinessGovernment and Democracy
YEAR 8Medieval CivilizationsLandforms and Landscapes

Changing Nations

Economic Decision MakingLaws and Citizens
YEAR 9The Industrial RevolutionBiomes and Food Security

Geographies of Interconnections

The Business Environment and World of WorkRights, Reponsibilities and the Justice System
YEAR 10World War IIEnvironmental Change and Management

Geographies of Human Wellbeing

Enterprise and BusinessCitizenship, Diversity and Identity

Health & Physical Education

At Bayswater Secondary College, we understand that healthy, active students are happy students who can confidently engage in all areas of learning both during and beyond the school day.

Physical Education focuses on the development of key physical movement and function skills and supports all students to confidently engage in a wide variety of physical activities, sports and games.

Our Health program supports students to develop the knowledge and skills to be respectful of themselves and one another, as well as the ways in which they can be healthy, active and safe at school and in their lives.


Guten Tag!

Learning languages broadens students’ horizons about the personal, social, cultural and employment opportunities that are available in an increasingly interconnected and interdependent world.

Students at Bayswater Secondary College learn all about the German language and culture as part of the core program in Year 7, with many continuing in Year 8 and beyond as part of our elective program!



The Technology learning areas provide a framework for students to learn how to use technologies to create innovative solutions that meet current and future needs. Students are encouraged to make decisions about the development and use of technologies, considering the impacts of technological change and how technologies may contribute to a sustainable future. The curriculum provides practical opportunities for students to be users, designers and producers of new technologies.

Students develop Digital Technologies skills through our STEM program in Years 7-10, in addition to a range of other areas of the Curriculum, which entails using computational thinking and information systems to analyse, design and develop digital solutions.

Students in Year 7 undertake two Design Technology classes – Wood Technology and Food Technology, where they use design thinking and technologies to generate and produce designed solutions.

Additionally, students in Years 8-10 have a variety of Digital and Design Technology courses to choose from in our Elective program.

The Arts

The Visual and Perfomring Arts enable students to develop their creative and expressive capacities by learning about the different practices, disciplines and traditions that have shaped the expression of culture locally, nationally and globally. Students are both artist and audience in the Visual and Performing Arts. They make and respond and learn to appreciate the specific ways this occurs in different disciplines.

Through engaging in Visual and Performing Arts, students are entertained, challenged and provoked to respond to questions and assumptions about individual and community identity, taking into account different histories and cultures.

Students in Year 7 undertake two classes – Visual Art, where they explore the world of visual representation and expression; and Music, where they develop a variety of musical performance skills.

Additionally, students in Years 8-10 have a variety of Visual and Performing Arts courses to choose from in our Elective program.