Our College

A growing school in the heart of Bayswater.

The College has 30 full-time equivalent staff consisting of our Principal class, Leading Teachers, Learning Specialists and education support staff including administration, student support, wellbeing and integration staff who ensure a welcoming and inclusive environment for our community.

The College is part of the Bayswater Education Plan and is working with Bayswater Primary School, Bayswater South Primary School, Bayswater West Primary School and Bayswater North Primary School to drive quality educational outcomes for all students in the Bayswater area.

The College has  received $12.4 million in funding for the much needed redevelopment of our classroom spaces, with work underway on a master plan that will see old buildings replaced with new state of the art learning facilities that will allow our students to thrive.

The College was most recently recognised as one of the Top 10 Most Improved Schools for VCE results in 2020 and is working to provide tailored Senior School pathways for all students through quality vocational and academic programs.

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Our Vision

To provide high quality learning experiences and pathways that enable all students to achieve excellence.

Our Values

H.E.A.R.T – Honesty, Excellence, Acceptance, Respect and Teamwork

Honesty: Being honest with ourselves, and one another in everything we do

Excellence: Striving for excellence and our personal best at all times by always giving our best effort

Acceptance: Accepting one another for who we are, and recognizing that our differences are what make us unique and interesting, and ensuring we treat ourselves, and one another with kindness.

Respect: For ourselves, one another and our surroundings

Teamwork: Working together and supporting one another helps us strive for excellence and achieve successful outcomes

Statement of Vision and Values