Student Leadership

Become a positive force at school and in the world.

We have a once in a generation chance to make a world-class school for young people.

Free from constraints of the past, we always look to the future. That starts at Bayswater Secondary College where we work in partnership with our students and teachers. This community (of ours) is about looking to the future and this is our school.

It’s important to really appreciate and promote student voice. It will allow students to be better future leaders. We instil a sense of leadership and understanding of the ability to be a positive force at school and in the world.

At Bayswater Secondary College we value individuality and the voice of every student. We involve them in decision-making processes by giving them a variety of options to choose from and ways to communicate their opinion. Student leadership thrives at our school through involvement in the student council, leading assemblies, and taking part in school events.

When the staff come up with an idea for the future, we know that it is key to test that idea with feedback from students. We genuinely see our students as partners on our learning adventure.