Select Entry Accelerated Learning Program

Opportunities and Pathways for Educational Excellence

As part of our commitment to providing pathways of education excellence, Bayswater Secondary College is an accredited member of the Academy of Accredited Select Entry Schools (TAASS).

Our SEAL program is designed to cater to the needs of students with above average intellectual skills and creativity. It differs from the mainstream program by providing an accelerated pathway to VCE studies that challenges students to work with more advanced and in-depth course material in a learning environment that fosters advanced collaborative and problem solving skills.

Going further than our regular program, the SEAL program provides:

  • access to advanced and increasingly complex course materials
  • an enriched approach to developing higher-order thinking skills
  • a focus on project-based experiential learning
  • deeper academic challenge at point-of-need
  • stimulating learning that fosters critical and creative thinking skills

The program is designed to enable students to undertake at least two Unit 1/2 VCE studies in Year 10, with the opportunity to undertake University level Enrichment Courses in Years 11 and 12.

Bayswater Secondary College - SEAL School


Interested in joining our SEAL Program for 2023? Find out more here!

We are currently taking registrations to undertake the SEAL Entrance Exam in 2022 for enrolment in our 2023 program.

Please be aware that in line with new DET enrolment requirements, prospective Year 7 families for 2023 interested in joining our SEAL program must nominate Bayswater Secondary College as their first preference on transition documentation that will be distributed to families by their respective Primary Schools in Term 2.

Applicants for the SEAL program will be required to sit an examination after offers of enrolment into Year 7 have been made.  The examination is conducted by Edutest, with successful candidates shortlisted for an interview in late Term 3, 2022.

You can download our SEAL Program brochure via the links below, as well as register for the entrance exam in Term 3. Please contact the college if you require any further information.