Our Curriculum

Students are at the centre of everything we do.

At Bayswater Secondary College, our students are at the centre of everything we do, and our Teaching & Learning Program is no different. We recognise the central role of teachers in facilitating a quality learning program through which all students can achieve excellence.

Our staff work continually to develop, review and improve our learning programs to ensure that all students have access to a highly engaging learning experience with the right level of challenge to optimise their learning growth.

We focus on providing quality differentiated instruction through the implementation of our Teaching and Learning model so that every student in every class is able to engage in a learning experience at a level that supports and extends them in the development of knowledge, skills and understanding in a variety of areas, as well as supporting parents and carers as partners in their student’s education.

Committed to a culture of excellence.

Across the Curriculum your child will be encouraged to be their best at whatever level that may be.

Their personal and academic development will be carefully guided by experienced staff to ensure the best possible educational outcome for your child. Our school is committed to a culture of excellence. We want our students to do well. We believe in a culture of respect for others, integrity and honesty. We want to teach our students to be creative, resilient when life doesn’t go their way, and to be able get on with others and work collaboratively together. Education is a joint responsibility of the school and home. We welcome the opportunity to work with you in the interests of your child’s personal and academic education.

Bayswater Secondary College - Junior School

Junior School 7-9

Our Junior School students experience an engaging program that supports them to achieve. Flexibility in the structure of the program will allow students to learn according to their individual learning needs and learning style. An Individual Learning Plan will be developed for each child and this will be reviewed and refined throughout the year.

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Bayswater Secondary College - Senior School

Senior (10-12)

Bayswater Secondary College promotes excellence in both vocational and academic pathways, ensuring students develop the skills, knowledge and confidence to thrive both during and after their Senior years of schooling. There are two types of programs available to students at our Bayswater Secondary College.

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Bayswater Secondary College - Exciting Regrowth & Redevelopment.

SEAL Program

Our SEAL program offers talented students the opportunity to condense their Year 7-10 curriculum into only three years, allowing the remaining three years to complete their VCE education. SEAL program students will also have exciting opportunities and to begin early University entrance courses.

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