Food Futures

Did you know that food is becoming more scare and by 2050 there will not be enough food to feed an ever growing population? On Monday 23rd October the Year 9’s attended KIOSC at Swinburne TAFE – Wantirna to investigate some possible strategies to deal with this.

The students all undertook three activities.

1. Determining when foods are ready to be harvested. If foods are harvested too early or too late, by the time they reach the consumer they may be under/over ripe – either way can lead to food wastage. Students tested a variety of foods – fresh, frozen, tinned and juiced to determine the sugar content/sweetness.

2. Creating sustainable biomes. Students were set the task to create a biome that could produce and protect food 24/7. This meant that the perfect growing environment had to be sustained 24 hours a day. Students used technology to ensure their green house was kept at constant temperatures, that sensors detected unwanted movement, that saplings received different amounts of light (ultraviolet) compared to more mature plants (UV), that fans turned on and off at set times to keep air circulating, that windows opened if humidity increased…

The camp finished with a visit from our Year 9 students who are training to be Peer Leaders. These students were put into groups with the Year 7’s and, together, the students completed a scavenger hunt through the zoo where they got to see a variety of animals.

3. Alternative food sources. Some students were game, others not so game when offered some crickets to eat. Crickets! What did they taste like? Very bland. Some said like cardboard, others said like flour – but in restaurants they are being served up with some amazing flavours. The market for cricket meal is getting more and more popular especially with athletes who see the benefit of ground cricket protein shakes which contain 3 times more protein than beef. The students were all offered a cricket to taste individually and they could them make others into lolly‐pops.