18th Aug 2021  |  News

Community Understanding and Safety Training (CUST)

Today our staff participated in Community Understanding and Safety Training (CUST) delivered by our wonderful Koorie Education Support Officers.

CUST is one part of the larger Marrung strategy to ensure that all Koorie Victorians achieve their learning aspirations. The training focusses on Indigenous perspectives, stories and culture, creating a space where we can learn with and from one another to create a culturally safe and inclusive learning environment, not only for our Koorie students, but all students in the Bayswater community.

Our work today is the beginning of a bigger conversation looking what we are currently doing well, and what we can continue to do to ensure an environment in which all students can thrive. From little things, big things grow – and we are planting many seeds at BSC this year to grow big things that will have a lasting and sustainable positive impact on our community.

We finished the day by taking some time to look after our staff with a session on health and wellbeing, making sure we are checking in with ourselves, and one another. It is important that we look after ourselves, so that we can keep working towards getting the best for our students and community.

It is a privilege to work with such an amazing group of professionals in a community that is as wonderful as BSC!



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