What we believe in…

As staff members at Bayswater Secondary College we will:

Show Respect for Others by:

  • Accepting the differences in others; not putting people down
  • Listening, considering and valuing others’ points of view
  • Foreshadowing/considering the needs of others
  • Making sure our behaviours and actions (body language, speech, tone of voice) always demonstrate respect for others. Using appropriate language and showing good manners.
  • Being consistent and following through
  • Taking good care of space and resources
  • Being on time and keeping to timelines

Demonstrate Integrity by:

  • Telling the truth and doing what we say we will do
  • Being up-front/proactive with respect to our behaviours and actions
  • Sharing our opinions and thoughts
  • Being prepared to compromise and seek win-win outcomes
  • Role modelling; upholding the values of the College
  • Being professional; organized, prepared for classes, enforcing school rules and following through
  • Being prepared to speak out when this is needed
  • Being reflective and taking on feedback in a professional manner

Demonstrate Collaboration by:

  • Listening to others and sharing ideas and resources
  • Knowing the curriculum, preparing units of work and moderating student work together (with the time to do this)
  • Collectively addressing student welfare needs
  • Being an active member of the team; contributing and pulling our weight
  • Recognizing the needs and strengths of others; building on these strengths
  • Working with students to build cooperation/agreed ways of operating
  • Being open and transparent; communicating effectively
  • Actively supporting each other
  • Understanding everyone’s roles and responsibilities

Practice Innovation by:

  • Brainstorming and thinking outside the box
  • Seeking new ideas and being prepared to take considered/positive risks
  • Incorporating ICT into programs
  • Sharing ideas and information through peer professional learning
  • Being prepared to step out of our comfort zone
  • Leading literacy and numeracy
  • Incorporating fun into our classes

Demonstrate High Expectations by:

  • Providing clear guidelines of what is expected and what a high standard looks like
  • Modelling high expectations
  • Not accepting mediocracy, but being realistic with our approach
  • Representing the school community and ourselves to our highest capacity
  • Ensuring all students have the opportunity to experience success
  • Following through and showing genuine commitment
  • Helping people perform at their best and within their capacities
  • Improving ATARs and NAPLAN

 Foster Resilience by:

  • Accepting challenges and not being afraid to fail
  • Never giving up; trying again if we don’t succeed the first time
  • Looking at the positives and bouncing back from difficult situations
  • Learning from mistakes and trying to do better
  • Promoting individual goal setting and working to achieve these goals
  • Seeking help when it is needed
  • Overcoming our own fears and accepting limited success at times
  • Being adaptable to change after full consultation”