Details on College enrolments for Year 7 and Years 8-12.

Year 7 Enrolment Process

If your child is in a State or Independent Primary School, you will be given a Year 6 to Year 7 Transition Application for Year 7 placement form by your Primary School to complete early in Grade 6. On this form you are asked to list three secondary schools in order of preference. If you want your child to attend Bayswater Secondary College, it is advisable to list the school as your first preference. This form is returned to your Primary School Transition Coordinator who will then forward the form to Bayswater Secondary College.

Years 8-12 Enrolments

Prospective families seeking enrolment for their son/daughter in Years 8 – 12 are asked to contact the Principal, Mr Warren Dawson. The school office will arrange a personal school tour at a mutually convenient date and time and an interview with the Principal.