The arts curriculum encourages the development of skills and the exploration of technologies, forms and processes through single and multimodal form. The arts curriculum allows students to create and critically explore visual culture.

Learning in The Arts allows students to be nurtured in their cultural understanding, invention, new directions and new technology on concepts, skills and processes developed in earlier levels, and teachers will revisit and strengthen these as needed. Learning in The Arts also allows students to communicate their perceptions, observations and understanding of structures, functions and concepts drawn from other areas of the curriculum.

Year 7 Visual Art

Students undertake a study of three-dimensional and two dimensional designs in order to investigate a range of processes and equipment through a series of oblique, isometric and perspective exercises. Students will also be introduced to the 3 different sculptural techniques (Intaglio, In the Round and In-Relief) in order to demonstrate effective use of equipment, materials and presentation techniques.

Year 8 – 10 2D Art

Students will develop their artistic skills by incorporating set squares, T-squares and other means of technical drawing to have detailed representations of structural design. Students will develop their observational drawing and drafting skills in which they will base their designs from. Students will explore architectural/drafting techniques to develop and refine their final design/s. Students will reflect and analyse the work of iconic visual representations culminating in a visual analysis.

Extension and Support

Students will develop their use of analytical skills when responding to artworks throughout history. Students will learn to develop ideas by drawing upon experience, exploring feelings, observing and researching. These processes will require the development of imaginative and creative solutions and/or a sensitive understanding of particular conventions and constraints, depending upon the nature of the arts activity. In order to communicate ideas, students will develop their understanding within the application of the elements, principles, processes and techniques as well as the cultural and aesthetic values associated with specific art forms. Students will also learn how different art forms can be visually presented.

Students will learn to analyse and interpret art works through a variety of teacher handouts. They will learn how the arts are practiced and valued in different societies and cultures, past and present by being presented with visual examples as well as utilising the deign process in order to have a clearer understanding of materials/techniques. Students will form personal judgments of their own works and those of others and will work through classroom tasks to achieve self and peer assessment.