Wood Technology aims to provide students with the knowledge base and the skill sets to create design solutions suitable for a range of contexts by creatively selecting and safely using a range of materials, tools and equipment. Wood Technology allows students to have the opportunity to work in a hands-on environment and develop their problem solving skills whilst developing their creative abilities.

Year 7 Wood Technology

In Year 7 Wood Technology, students learn how to safely use a range of wood working hand tools. Students get introduced to different types of timber and timber products whilst learning about wood working techniques such as timber joining techniques. Students construct specific products through the use of design briefs. Students learn to develop product evaluation criteria to effectively critique the products they construct which provides an important cog in the learning process.

Semester 1 Elective – Wood Technology (Year 8 to 10)

Students will gain a deeper understanding of the design process to create a variety of wooden products. Some of these products will have specific design briefs whilst other products will have briefs allowing students to demonstrate their design thinking skills, design and technologies knowledge and production skills to produce design solutions. Students will learn how to graphical represent their designs using a variety of techniques including the use of computer-aided design technologies. Students will be introduced to environmental and social sustainability by investigating such things as the life cycle of a product. Students will continue to develop their wood working skills and knowledge using a variety of hand tools and techniques.

An additional charge will apply to participate in this unit of work.

Semester 2 Elective – Wood Technology (Year 8 to 10)

Students will continue to build on their skills and knowledge whilst producing a variety of timber products using a series themed design briefs, which will enable students to explore their own creative skills. They will discover how the characteristics and properties of materials have an impact on the final product they prepare whilst evaluating the product against the design brief. Students will also investigate career paths in the design industry. Students will continue to further develop their understanding and use of the design process.

An additional charge will apply to participate in this unit of work.

Extension and Support

Students are always expected to extend themselves in the subject to reach their full potential. Students are encouraged to always strive to complete products to a high standard and one that they can be proud of. In the subject, students are encouraged to explore their creative capabilities in their designs by investigating a range of design solutions and using an assortment of design technology. Students are also challenged to try different and more challenging wood working techniques to ensure they are always learning.

In Wood Technology, students are well supported by planned units that include in depth design briefs, step-by-step skill demonstrations and safety theory. The teacher or student classroom experts also assist students with one on one classroom help. Students may also get the opportunity to continue to work in their wood working skills such as designing sets for the annual school production or lunchtime classes depending on teacher supervision availability.