Learning Mentor Program

In partnership with Thriving Youth Australia, Bayswater Secondary College has developed the Learning Mentor Program to support an extend learning. This program aims to provide additional support to students to increase learning motivation, confidence and school connectedness. Mentors and mentees work together on improving a range of skills including resilience and relationship building, social and communication skills a range of learning strategies to support classroom and home learning.

Wellbeing Team

Mr Clem Crozier – Student Wellbeing Manager, Mrs Kristen Black and Ms Narelle Collom.

Individual Counselling:

We work one on one with students who have issues or concerns.
Once off, occasionally, or on a regular basis.
Both formally and informally
Make referrals to outside agencies depending on individual needs.
Refer to our school psychologists and social worker.

Group Counselling:
Restorative Practice Circles
Girls/boys group sessions (dealing with emotions/conflict resolution)

Junior School girls/boys lunch time program
Senior Lounge Program Friday lunch time
Mentoring programs
Angel Light Link Workshops Junior girls (body image, healthy eating, peer relationships, drugs
and alcohol)
Resiliency building workshop

If you are experiencing difficulties outside of school, either emotional or financial, please contact the wellbeing team. We have many resources and contacts that may be able to assist.


Centrepay is a free payment option provided by Centrelink for families in receipt of a Centrelink payment. It allows families to select a one off or continuing payment which is deducted from Centrelink benefits. Applications can be made online or over the phone quoting Bayswater Secondary College’s CRN 555 099 353V. Application forms are also available at the General Office.


Chaplains support school communities through pastoral care of students, teachers, families and the wider local community. School chaplaincy has been recognised as one of the most significant youth-focused ministries for young people that is taking place in Australian schools.

Chaplains fulfil a unique role in school communities. They are active in promoting student wellbeing, particularly through the provision of pastoral care. They encourage reflection about the spiritual dimensions of life.
They have an educative role in the areas of beliefs, values, morals, ethics and religion. They work to facilitate the connection of students into the school network and wider community.

Our Chaplain is Mrs Caroline Skelton and she works at the College two days per week and is available to support staff, students and families. If you would like to contact Caroline, please call the College and you will be put in touch. Counselling and support with the Chaplain is voluntary for our students, families and staff. Ms Skelton is employed by SU Victoria and her appointment to Bayswater Secondary College is partially funded by the Commonwealth Government.