Through the music program students participate in the processes of creating, presenting exploring and responding to the Performing Arts. Students develop critical skills and an understanding of how the arts evolve within particular social, cultural and historical concepts.

Year 7

At Year 7, students are introduced to the various instruments utilised in classroom music – Keyboard, guitars, drum kit, tuned and untuned percussion. They explore the basic history, mechanics and techniques used in order to play these instruments. Beginner theory is introduced including treble clef note reading and simple rhythmic notation. Students learn to play simple chords, melodies and rhythms to create and present in class ensemble.

Year 8 – 10 Semester one Music/Choir Elective

In the semester one the music/choir elective will focus on group singing. Students will discover their voice as a musical instrument. They will learn correct technique, the importance of warm up exercises and participate in the performance of various musical styles. Students gain more depth in the elements of music (melody, rhythm, harmony, dynamics and form). They will utilise these elements to explore and respond to musical style and analyse set works. Aural perception skills will be introduced such as recognizing chords, intervals and scales. Students will continue theory appreciation and learn to read treble clef vocal music notation and signs. Students will be offered opportunities to perform in public.

Extension and Support

Students are encouraged to extend their learning in all areas. In practical lessons more advanced students may improvise on set works, for example adding more intricate rhythms and melodies. Students may practise at lunchtime depending on teacher supervision availability. Private guitar tuition is available at the College and students may join in the guitar ensemble at lunchtimes once a week. All students are offered the opportunity to take part in the annual school musical production and the spring concert.