The College places emphasis on treating each student as an individual, and this is reflected in the preparation for Senior Pathways.

The Careers program aims to assist students to make informed decisions about their study and career choices. This program is integrated into subjects and in particular into ‘Personal Development’ in years 9 and 10.

All students in Years 10 – 12 have at least one meeting with the Pathways Manager. Information evenings are organised for students and parents to explain the process of study and course choices in years 9, 10 and 12.

Resources are available to enhance the curriculum offerings in all areas of study with emphasis on career investigation, work education and study options. These resources include DVD, folders, pamphlets and handbooks. Every effort is made to keep this information up to date.

Community Liaison – Feedback is provided from tertiary institutions, Centrelink, community and employer groups through careers bulletins, assemblies, course information days, the Newsletter, noticeboards, Student Daily Bulletin and through interviews with the Pathways Manager, Mrs Pamela Lambert. Guest speakers and excursions are organised to present information directly to students and the wider school community. Senior students must pay careful attention to the Careers Newsletters to ensure that they receive information updates.

Work Experience generally occurs at the end of term two for all Year 10 students. Students are prepared for work experience in the ‘Personal Development’ classes and prior to completing work experience, all students must complete the safe@work modules.

Students may benefit from a work experience placement during years 11 and 12. These placements are organised in the term breaks so they have no effect on academic results.


Information evenings are organised for students and parents to explain the process of study and course choices in years 9, 10 and 12.


School Leaving Age

Young people are required to be in formal education until the age of 17. A student who gains employment with training or at least 25 hours per week of training, who is less than 17 and has completed year 10, may apply for permission to leave school.

Training options can include:
Full Time TAFE

Any students wishing to leave school before these requirements are met must put in a request for exemption to the Regional Director in consultation with Bayswater Secondary College. All students leaving school before the end of Year 12 are required to meet with the Pathways Manager to determine the appropriateness of the pathway and to apply for approval for the pathway from the Regional Director.

If you would like some advice on career pathways or training options please book an appointment with Mrs Lambert.