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In Language classes, students acquire communication skills in German. They develop understanding about the role of language and culture in communication. Their reflections on language use and language learning are applied in other learning contexts.

Learning languages broadens students’ horizons about the personal, social, cultural and employment opportunities that are available in an increasingly interconnected and interdependent world. The interdependence of countries and communities requires people to negotiate experiences and meanings across languages and cultures. A bilingual or plurilingual capability is the norm in most parts of the world.

Year 7

In Year 7 German students acquire communication skills in German and investigate how language is used and is developing. They get to know themselves as communicators and understand the link between language and culture. Students study parts of speech in both English and German, and investigate their culture and other cultures. Students who are new to German language learning are supported through activities and games, while students who have learnt German previously are extended through range of texts and online activities.

Year 8 Elective

In Years 8, 9 and 10, students can choose to continue on with their language learning through the German language elective. This subject will extend students of all abilities to further consider the link between language and culture. Students will use a variety of authentic German texts including books and films, to investigate German history and culture. Students practice expressing themselves and communicating with others in German, and improve their ability to problem solve and find meaning.

Extension and Support

Students learning English as an Additional Language are provided with additional support to assist with their understanding of the English language within the classroom. The course focuses on developing reading, writing and listening skills and increasing familiarity with a variety of different styles of text. Students are encouraged to develop literacy in their first language alongside their development of the English language. Students also participate in a variety of aural tasks to improve and develop their verbal communication skills and listening skills.