Students have the opportunity to learn first hand about a range of scientific principals with Bayswater’s very own Frog Hollow.

The specially constructed frog pond and surrounding environment provides students with a wide range of opportunities to learn about:

  • Water quality testing techniques
  • Identification & classification of aquatic organisms via sampling with the use of microscopes
  • How biodiversity works
  • What are wetland ecosystems
  • How Biospheres work
  • How to test for evaporation & the frictional movement of water

Frog Hollow also allows students to learn about:

  • Investigating natural and man made features
  • Using quadrats & transect lines to identify species
  • Distribution, frequency & population size of insect and frog life
  • Investigating the effect of natural & introduced factors into the Frog Hollow habitat

This is done by offering a wide range of physical and theoretical activates in a safe and inclusive environment that challenges students whilst fostering pathways for personal interest.

We aspire students to:

  • Build a strong understanding of their physical, social and emotional self
  • Be resilient to lives many challenges
  • Embrace an active lifestyle
  • Discover new and interesting knowledge and ideas to build on their growing ‘life skills’