Our students ‘food’ adventure at Bayswater Secondary College, through Design and Technologies gives students from Year 7-12 the opportunity to learn and develop skills of investigation, generating, producing, evaluating, planning and managing.

These skills are able to be used across the curriculum here at school and beyond school into the home and workplace, offering greater independence and confidence.

At Year 7 students are introduced to the basic foundations – safety and hygiene, tools and equipment and time management – as they prepare a variety of nutritious foods for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks.

Years 8-10 are able to select from numerous units of work for a semester of sensory enjoyment. All units are based on promoting the skills and knowledge learnt previously in both production and theory classes. The design process is used as the basis for a lot of the work undertaken to produce designed solutions to either a teacher set brief or individual brief.

Examples of units offered include:

  • Organise and Prepare
  • Food and Nutrition Through Life
  • Home Grown
  • Becoming a MasterChef
  • Make, Bake and Decorate
  • Back to Basics
  • Travelling Gourmet
  • Food for the Day

Food Studies is offered at VCE for Units 1-4 and gives students the opportunity to delve even further into their passion for food. As the food industry, especially hospitality, is one of the largest employers and growth areas in Australia at present, studies in this area are certainly beneficial to all. Greater details of the VCE Food Studies curriculum can be found here.