Welcome Back to 2019!

The beginning of the school year is slightly staggered to ensure that students settle in and begin their studies for 2019 in a positive fashion. On Thursday 31st January all Years 7, 11 and 12 students will return to school. On Friday 1st February, Years 8-10 students will return to school. Our start of the year program will involve a range of workshops and learning activities to set student learning goals and the supports needed to ensure that all students can achieve success throughout this year.

Parents are encouraged to speak to teachers if there are any queries or concerns that need to be addressed. It is important to note that all students are expected to be in their full school uniform, including appropriate school shoes. Sneakers or black “skate” shoes are not considered appropriate footwear, as per the school uniform guidelines, which have been provided to parents and students previously.

Over the past three years we have made significant improvements in our results and the improvement of the teaching and learning program within the school. Student elective programs and pathways opportunities have again been revamped to ensure that students have a wide curriculum choice but also that student voice is considered when designing our learning programs. This year our major focus again is on continuing to build an improved academic learning environment, improved effort towards study and revision of work and building wider community connections. Students will again be provided numerous opportunities to participate in project based learning activities involving local community leaders and business groups, as part of our global education approach to learning. This year will also see further international students visit our school, along with welcoming some new staff to the College.

We look forward to a fantastic 2019!


Warren Dawson

College Principal